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Cisco Refurbished Routers

In addition to new Cisco products, Network Hardware Distribution carries a full range of current model Cisco refurbished, end-of-sales (EOS) and end-of-life (EOL) Cisco routers, switches, firewalls, wireless access points, IP phones, transceivers and modules.

Get excellent discounts of Global List Price for refurbished networking hardware, it is common industry knowledge that Cisco makes very robust networking equipment that allows you to scale as required with your business network. There is a high probability that your ISP is already using Cisco on the Wide Area Network, so it would make sense to build your LAN and Corporate WAN on the same technology.

Weather you are a small office home office, or a large corporate with dedicated team of highly skilled network engineers, up time is critical for business. So your network is by implication just as critical. Why choose anything else? Especially if you can source required qauntities of good qaulity refurbished network hardware.

As far as being at risk when buying refurbished network equipment is concerned, NH Distribution is in the business of selling Genuine Cisco Refurb, and is not in the habit of destroying 20 years of hard earned experience for minor profit gains selling counterfit.

Just like any business, reputation, experience, customer services and excellent lead times will predict return business, which is what we are about.

Please feel free to share some specifications or requirements with us so we can offer you a competitive quote.


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